Frac Sand Industries

GNS FracHydraulic Fracturing is a rapidly expanding new industry for extracting hydrocarbon fuels from ground where this was previously impractical or impossible.  J&H is right there with this industry.  Sand is one of the key components of the hydraulic mixture used to fracture the ground where the fuel is trapped.  But not any sand will do.  If the grains of sand are of irregular size or are too large, they will get clogged in the small openings at the lead end of the drilling pipe, shutting down the operation.  On the other hand, if the grains of sand are too small, they will not do the job of holding open the thousands of tiny fissures in the rock that allow the oil to flow out, making the drilling operation ineffective.  Consistent grains ofLEWIS ENERGY sand at a particular size range, often called Fracking sand or simply Frac sand, are critical to the successful operation of any hydraulic fracturing operation.  Not only that, but the marginal value of the extracted oils mean that this sand must be supplied at high volumes in an extremely efficient and cost effective manner.

The Frac Sand Industry relies on J&H to provide the technology to produce the sand that meets these strict specifications at all times and can operate reliably with this highly abrasive material.  As shown in the photo at right, J&H bucket elevators, CD Feeders, J&H Riffle screens, and the free standing support structure are ideal for this process.