Phosphate Industries

Phosphate:  DAP, MAP, GTSP, NPK046_F09

J&H has for the last twenty years been the world leader in the screening of all types of granular fertilizers.  J&H has thousands of screening machines operating around the world that are utilized to process the majority of these granular materials.

J&H’s vast experience is directed into manufacturing high quality equipment for processing oversize, product, and fines material that are on specification, which is important for stable continuous processing applications common in the industrial fertilizer industry.  From this core, J&H has developed polishing screens that refine the final products to a fine tuned state.

In support of the fertilizer industry, J&H has developed a complete screening package, which includes:  bucket elevators, stream splitters, and feeders that can be controlled to operate as a system with the screening process.  J&H Chain mills are optimized for crushing oversize fertilizer product.  Particular to the phosphate industry, a screen fines hopper with an integrated modulating control valve yields computer controlled recycle feedback accuracy.  This in turn reduces oversize, generates a closer sized final product, and most of all, optimization of the other machinery in the plant to increase production.

J&H is constantly upgrading all of these related machines to yield the best in phosphate granular screening technology.