cropped-JH-EQUIPMENT-INC-Final-file-8187.jpgJ&H is celebrating 40 Years of Engineering Excellence


Through the years we pride ourselves in our ability

to adapt to needs and requirements of our customers.

We not only design equipment…

we design solutions.

J&H Equipment, Inc. is proud to announce awarding of contract by Intecsa Ingenieria Industrial, S.A. for the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden DAP & NPK Plants).  Scope of contract award includes:

(16) Oversize Process Screens  (J&H MOD III 7×20 Two Surface Vibrating Wire Screening Machine)
(16) Oversize Process Screen Feeders  (J&H MOD II Model 84 Vibrating Screen Feeder)
(16) Oversize Process Screen Fines Hoppers
(16) Undersize Process Screens  (J&H MOD III 7×20 One Surface Vibrating Wire Screening Machine)
(16) Undersize Process Screen Fines Hoppers
(16) Oversize Chain Mills  (J&H HDF MOD III Dual Rotor Pulverizing Chain Mill)
(4) Lump Crushers  (J&H HD Model 36 Lump Crusher)

These equipment’s will be installed at the Ma’aden DAP & NPK plant locations in Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia.  Each of the equipment’s contracted are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for the DAP and NPK industries.  Prior J&H installations at Ma’aden’s site has proven the equipment’s capability to meet expectations even in the harshest of environments.  J&H prides itself in offering superior products which perform at the highest efficiencies for our customers rigorous needs.  For more information on the products listed visit


Rubber-CoverJ&H is pleased to introduce our new Comprehensive Service Contract option.  Whether you are purchasing new equipment or your J&H machines are twenty years old, sign up for a J&H Service Contract to have J&H trained technicians provide maintenance and J&H OEM parts.  Under the Service Contract, normal wear parts and periodic maintenance are regularly scheduled for every six months to keep your J&H machinery working at its highest efficiency, making money for you!  See the “Service Contract” tab on the main navigator menu on the Home page.

DSCN0632For testing material flow in a realistic, continuous flow process, J&H has set up in our new lab a full screen loop.  A small bucket elevator carries the product material to the top of the lab, and lets the product flow down through a screen feeder and 10 foot screen machine just as it would in a processing plant.  At the discharge, there are ports to test for screening efficiency.  The material then recombines and is mixed in a screw conveyor that brings it back up to the bucket elevator feed chute.


Splitter redo-FINAL_J&H is rapidly becoming the king of modulating control diverter valves in the phosphate industry.  We have the Stream Splitter in 3 and 4 discharge configurations for uniform feeding to multiple screen lines.  These units are offered with simple pneumatic, modulating electric, or modulating electro-pneumatic actuators.

Diverter-Valves_01We have just signed a contract with a North African client for 96 modulating control valves.  These valves all include motorized actuators with 4 to 20 mA control and confirmation signals, stainless steel internal divider blades and J&H air tight full width access doors for cleaning and maintenance.

We have also manufactured a number of 4 to 20 mA pneumatic modulating control valves for plant recycle control for one of our U.S. customers to be used in conjunction with their new J&H screening systems in two of their largest granulation facilities.

DSCN0633J&H has just christened its own new heated and air conditioned laboratory with 3000 square feet (278.7 square meter) of floor space, and a mezzanine level for access to calibrated feed hopers for two screening stations, each with its own skip hoist for large sample runs.  The lab also contains a full size chain mill, a full size screening machine with feeder and a bucket elevator for continuous feed test.DSCN0629




A large number of wire cloth sizes are maintained at this location for accurate efficiency and capacity testing of your products.

The lab, even though attached to the main manufacturing facility, has a customer access road and private entrance for test observation by clients.

J&H is excited to present this new and updated website.  Please explore all of the features of the site.  Reading the Products pages, you will not only get some of the common technical specification and descriptions, but get some insight into why our machines are designed the way that they are.  I hope that you are impressed by the breadth and focus of J&H on the products that you need for your fertilizer, chemical, or mineral processing plant.  I hope that you also see uses for J&H Products for your application that may be stretching the boundaries of our core industries.  Please contact us directly or your local Representative if you have any questions or interest in learning how our extensive line of products can fit with your process application.  Thank you.