Automatic Sampler

Automatic Sampler REV-0The J&H Automatic Sampler enables you to test the quality of your product by taking a sample from a falling stream of material. The compact design incorporates a foolproof drive system with no critical exposed shafts or glide rails. It utilizes a heavy-duty, double flange gear box coupled with a mill and chem “C” face motor.

The J&H Automatic Sampler collects sample material in a cup that rotates through the falling stream of material. The sample then discharges from the outlet and into the container, and the cup returns to the shielded position until the next sample is taken.

The J&H Automatic Sampler offers you flexibility in quantity and timing. You control the sample quantity by manual adjustment on the sample bucket inlet and can set the sample time interval to any point between 2 and 30 minutes, which yields 2 to 30 samples per hour.

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  • Includes a NEMA 4 control box mounted directly on the drive
  • Includes a remote or control room mounted timer control box
  • Allows adjustments of sample quantity and frequency, depending on requirements for your application
  • Available in four sizes


  • Chemical fertilizer industry
  • Ideal for feed-to-screening machines applications
  • Ideal for product-to-storage applications