Bucket Elevators

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Engineered and customized for lift and capacity requirements specific to customer applications, our elevator capacities range from 30 TPH  (28 m³/h) to 1000 TPH  (945 m³/h). They handle a variety of material sizes with minimal dust and degradations.  J&H elevators are free standing and self-supporting.  The boot section is designed to provide a strong and sturdy base for the elevator.  The boot section is where the feed flange is located to load the buckets with material.  With large access doors and easy access to the buckets and chains or belting, this is also the primary location for cleaning, maintenance, and inspections for the elevator.  Depending on the plant structure, J&H can integrate platforms and connection points to tie the elevator into existing plant structure and provide full access to all working points of the elevator for inspection and maintenance.

J&H bucket elevators fall into one of two major design categories:  J&H Belt Bucket elevators and J&H Chain Bucket elevators depending on calculated load and material being conveyed.  Regardless of which system is used, all J&H elevators are fabricated from steel components with wall thicknesses per specification and protected by industrial powder coat bonded paint.

P1150520 copyAll families of elevators are easy to maintain as they feature a three-point access at the boot section and full access at the head section. Provided with right angle or direct coupled drives, each can incorporate inching drive for maintenance, fluid coupling for soft start, and external or internal back stop systems. Bearings are SKF, split housing, heavy duty roller bearings for the head shaft and J&H high capacity hardened alloy bearings for the boot shaft. J&H elevators can be customized with hinged access doors on intermediate sections and with instrumentation equipment, such as a zero speed switches, full boot switches, or feed or discharge plugging switches.

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With J&H Elevators, our customers find elevators built for their needs while using robust, proven technology with a large range of options in types and capacities.