Elevator-3D-RealisticThe J&H BELT BUCKET ELEVATOR is a multi-ply conveyor belting mounted, heavy-duty industrial bucket elevator.  The buckets of the elevator are bolted onto conveyor belt material.  This has advantages over a dual chain and sprocket design elevator for elevators with smaller capacities.  The belting is easier to install, inspect, and maintain.  The elasticity and flexibility of the belt material provides some forgiveness for minor misalignments of the elevator structure.  When designed using conveyor belting, rubber lagged head pulleys and wing type boot pulleys are used.  The drum pulley at the head section and jack screw take-up at the boot gives smooth operation with good tracking.  A Wing Pulley is used in the boot to shed abrasive material from behind the belting material to reduce wear.

Belt Elevators can be Centrifugal or Continuous discharge operation.  Centrifugal Elevator operate at higher speed.  They are called as such because of the centrifugal force developed by the buckets at the head section, which helps discharge material from the buckets by throwing it into the discharge chute.  Continuous discharge operation runs slower and the buckets are installed adjacent to each other.  This allows the material being discharged to slide down the back of the sloped plate of the bucket below.  This gentler discharge method prevents breakage of more friable materials and reduces the generation of dust.  Each are available in capacities ranging from 30 TPH (28 m³/h)  to 270 TPH (255 m³/h).  Buckets are available from 10” [254 mm] to 18” [457 mm] in width and in various thicknesses and in cast of fabricated steel depending on application.

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