J&H Chain Bucket Elevator

Elevator-Dual-ChainChain elevators can be either single strand or dual strand depending on elevator size, capacity, material type, and operating parameters.

Our Continuous Elevator is designed for medium capacity needs ranging from 30 TPH (28 m³/h) to 108 TPH (102 m³/h).  They feature a steel single strand front attachment roller chain available in various ratings depending on calculated load. Head and boot sprockets are induction hardened and internal gravity or external screw take-ups are available. Bucket widths range from 10” [254 mm] to 24” [610 mm].  From small granules to large lumps, the J&H Continuous Bucket Elevator offers reliable versatility.

The J&H High-Capacity Bucket Elevator are heavy duty, slow speed units built for large capacity jobs. Fabricated steel buckets are side hung on two strands of 9” [229 mm] pitch chain.  Engineered and customized for customer specific capacities, they can handle from 69 TPH [65 m³/h] to 1000 TPH [945 m³/h].  These elevators are equipped with split or segmented head and boot sprockets.  Bucket widths are available from 12” to 54” [305 to 1372 mm].  This type elevator is perfect for high capacity lifting in the toughest environment with minimum product degradation and dust generation.

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