Chain Mills

Chain mills are designed to reduce the size of falling material by impact with chain links on spinning rotor.   The J&H Chain Mill is a dual rotor crushing machine driven by two electrical motors ranging in power from 15 to 120 hp each. Both rotors are equipped with a series of special hardened steel chain strands that are rotating in opposite directions to create an impact zone for the falling material.

Built by J&H in three different designs, each model comes in widths ranging from 24” to 42” in six-inch increments.   All three chain mill designs can handle up to 120 tph.  Chain mill body frames are solid, welded construction including full-width center hung side access doors for ease of maintenance and cleanup.  All impact zones are protected with solid rubber pads covering the entire area for easy replacement and durability.  On all our mills, chains can be easily inspected and removed, if necessary, without disassembly of other parts of the mill. Zero speed switch and access door proximity switches are available as options.

_DSC6772.jpg-M1Our original and most popular design of chain mill is the HD Chain Mill, designed with a cantilever mounted “floating rotor” system.  This design reduces vibrations to an amazingly small quantity, which allows for its installation directly to the concrete floor without the addition of costly structural considerations or isolator pads. It features large front and rear access doors, which combined with the unique center hung side access doors makes our HD Chain Mill the most accessible and easy to clean of any mill on the market.


HDS Chain MillOur HDS Chain Mill has a smaller footprint than our HD Chain Mill to accommodate locations where space is an issue while maintaining the same capacity and durability as the HD Chain Mill. Featuring a quick release, slide-out shaft and our floating rotor suspension system, its motors are located on top of the mill body to maintain full accessibility to all external and internal parts of the mill.

Our HDF Chain Mill does not include our suspension system but a technically proven vibration absorbing pad is incorporated into its bottom flange. This technology combined with high-speed, balanced rotors maintains vibrations to a reduced level. Fixed bearings eliminate alignment problems. Its body is the same as our smaller footprint HDS Chain Mill.

Incorporating over 35 years of experience, the J&H chain mills are robust, reliable, and efficient.

Common Features
  • Full-width, center hung side access doors that can be handled by one person.
  • Full-width impact pads covering the entire area for easy replacement and durability.
  • Chains can be inspected or replaced without disassembly of other parts of the mill.
  • Solid welded construction and welded stainless steel liners in non-impact zones provide exceptional durability and life.
  • Live loads are almost non-existent thanks to our “floating rotor” suspension system in HD and HDS Chain Mills and in the case of the HDF Chain Mill – our well balanced rotors.
  • Capacity per chain mill can be up to 120 tph.
  • Available from 24” to 42” according to the capacity required.

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