J&H MOD III HDS / HDF Chain mill

_DSC4763-m1-Chain mills reduce particle size by impacting  the material with a series of chain links being rotated at high velocity. In a double-rotor chain mill, two independent chain rotors rotate in opposite directions. The direction and speed of rotation, the spacing of the rotors, and the management of the material flow through the machine contribute to the high efficiency of the J&H Mod III HDS Chain Mill. Solid, welded construction, wear-resistant impact pads and liners provide exceptional durability and life to the chain mill. Large doors provide easy access to the rotors for inspection and maintenance. Several chain mill sizes are available to match the capacity requirements for the material application in the smallest configuration possible.

Several features of the J&H Mod III HDS or HDF Chain Mills make these machines innovative and unique.  Compared to our standard J&H chain mill, the J&H Mod III HDS and HDF Chain Mills have a reduced footprint and compact configuration, which is helpful where space is limited. However, while designing the Mod III HDS and HDF Chain Mill, we kept all of the successful design features of the tried and true J&H HD Chain Mill version.   The dynamically balanced rotors are the same for all J&H Chain Mills.  Normal maintenance functions can be performed from the side doors of the mill, which open fully to provide complete access to the rotors and to all sides of the interior of the mill. The chains can be inspected and replaced without having to disassemble any part of the chain mill.  The side doors are heavy enough to provide the necessary protection from the material impact while the machine is running, yet are balanced on a swing arm so that a single person can open and close the doors.  Impact surfaces are lined with full width abrasion-resistant rubber.

F:Chainmill manual3D Layout1 (1)However, when more extensive maintenance is required, like when the rotor bearings or liner plates need repair, this can be done easily by removing the entire rotor assembly from the machine.  Slide out the two small shaft seal plates, unbolt the bearings from the bearing support, and then slide the rotor out the end of the chain mill.  Working on these parts without obstruction or in a controlled environment allows you to do a better job faster.


J&H HDS Chain MillsHDS Chain Mill

In the HDS version of the chain mill, bearings are soft mounted on each side of the frame so that the rotor shaft can respond to start-up, shutdown, and the impacts that occur when the machine is in operation. This reduces the forces generated in the shaft, which reduces the bearing loads and forces transmitted to the supporting structure. The J&H Mod III HDS Chain Mill does not have to be isolated from the plant building structure and can be mounted directly to concrete floor curbs using standard anchor bolts.

See J&H MOD III HDF / HDS Chain Mill brochure or return to J&H Chain Mill main page.


  • Smaller footprint than HD
  • Quick release, slide-out shaft
  • Unique “floating rotor” suspension system


_DSC4942-m1 copyJ&H HDF Chain Mills

The HDF is nearly identical to the HDS except that the bearings are hard mounted directly to the frame of the chain mill, or fixed.  This provides added stability to the rotor assembly for more demanding crushing applications.  The dynamically balanced rotors and high quality controlled fabrication of the chain mill housing result in a chain mill that naturally produces very little vibration.  A thin rubber isolation pad is the only thing required for mounting the HDF chain mill to the concrete floor curbs of the plant building structure using standard anchor bolts.  The photo at the top of this page shows the HDF design of the compact chain mills.


  • Fixed bearings eliminate alignment problems
  • Small footprint like the HDS Chain Mill
Common Features
  • Full-width, center hung side access doors that can be handled by one person.
  • Full-width impact pads covering the entire area for easy replacement and durability.
  • Chains can be inspected or replaced without disassembly of other parts of the mill.
  • Solid welded construction and welded stainless steel liners in non-impact zones provide exceptional durability and life.
  • Live loads are almost non-existent thanks to our “floating rotor” suspension system in HD and HDS Chain Mills and in the case of the HDF Chain Mill – our well balanced rotors.
  • Capacity per chain mill can be up to 120 tph.
  • Available from 24” to 42” according to the capacity required.