J&H CD Feeders

J&H 016aCD Feeders are static, continuous distribution feeders that help regulate and spread out the flow of material being fed into the adjacent downstream equipment, such as a J&H Screen Machine.  Good distribution of the material onto the screen is essential to efficient screening process.  CD Feeders are simple and maintenance free, either using a spreader pan or a rock box to distribute the material.  They are particularly good for severe service applications of hard, dry material were erosion of the feeder components is the primary issue.  Some designs have adjustable baffles that can help direct the flow of the material or correct for unbalanced material flow.  The CD Feeder may be used in conjunction with a J&H Velocity Breaker.

For applications were the product may adhere to the spreader pan or accumulate in the rock box, a J&H Vibrating Feeder is the better option for distributing material onto a J&H Screen or click here for other J&H Feeder options.