Trough Feeder

DSC_3511The J&H Trough Feeder combines the vertical space saving aspect of a conveying feeder with the continuous distribution functionality of the standard Vibrating screen feeder.  Trough feeders are custom designed to fit the geometry of your plant layout.

900 RPM or 1800 RPM Vibrator Drive motors help material to flow down an extended trough to convey material from a splitter valve to the feed inlet of the J&H Screen(s).  At the end of the trough, a spreader plate distributes the material across the full width of the screen for highest screening efficiency.

Rubber buffers developed by J&H optimize the movement of the trough while isolating the vibration from the body of the feeder and from the plant structure.  Cover plates and doors provide full access to the interior of the feeder for inspection and maintenance.

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