Velocity Breaker

Velocity-Breaker_FeederThe J&H Velocity Breaker is a compact device that reduces the speed of material in plant configurations where material is allowed to generate excessive velocity along high free falls.  This significantly improves the operation of the feeder distribution and the efficiency of the J&H Screen below.  The J&H Velocity Breaker can be installed anywhere that material velocity is a problem.   Reducing the speed of the material not only improves the operation of most processing machines, but also reduces product breakage and dust generation.  In the image at right, the Velocity Breaker is shown directly mounted onto the feed inlet of the J&H Vibrating Screen Feeder.  The J&H Velocity Breaker may also be installed onto a J&H CD Feeder or any other J&H Feeder.

The J&H Velocity Breaker is designed as an added module to any J&H Feeder. It reduces speed by impacts and change in flow directions and, therefore, is lined with hardened or stainless steel. Its robust and durable construction requires little to no maintenance.


  • Module can be mounted directly onto feed inlet
  • Large access door for easy inspection
  • Welded, stainless steel or hardened steel plates on all impact zones
  • Powdercoated finish for superior protection
  • Ability to adjust orientation at assembly for maximum efficiency