J&H Hoppers

Ribbed-HopperJ&H provides a full range of standard and custom hoppers for all types and sizes of J&H Screens.  All J&H hoppers are designed with a dust collector flange underneath the shallow and wide upper end of the hopper.  This generates negative pressure where it is needed, underneath the wire cloth, that helps to pull the fines material down into the hopper rather than suck it back up into the screen.  There are two basic types of J&H Hopper, the standard hopper and a hopper with a modulating discharge.

J&H Equipment has many years of experience with the fines hopper and has many options for any hopper, including liners, “rock box” baffles, shallow or deep hopper slopes, access doors, different fabrication materials, full width versus funneling, different discharge flange options, etc..  Selection of options is dependent on the your product material, environmental conditions, building codes and standards, capacity requirements, and specific plant geometry and construction (steel frame or poured concrete).  Theses and many more factors can influence the design of what one would think is a very basic and simple part of the screen.  Please think carefully about and discuss issues with the hopper to your J&H representative or sales agent.

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