J&H Fines Hopper

HoppersJ&H has a complete line of fines hoppers that are designed to perfectly fit underneath a corresponding J&H Screen.  According to the material specifications, J&H hoppers come in standard and deep designs for a steeper slope.  The hopper is supported by the feet of the screen machine and will sit securely within a J&H screen support structure.  Hoppers can be full width, connecting one screen directly to the feed of another J&H Screen below, or tapered to connect with a standard square or round chute.  A discharge flange at the lower end of the hopper is used to connect the hopper with the downstream chute or recycle conveyor skirt.

The J&H hopper also has a flange for connecting the plant de-dust system just below wire cloth at the feed end of the screen.  A plate blocks the fines material from being sucked into the de-dust flange.  This location creates a negative pressure below the screen, pulling the particles down through the wire cloth instead of sucking fines material from the hopper back up into the screen.  This configuration with an appropriate air flow rate maximizes the efficiency of the screen machine above it.

There are specialty hoppers, for example the J&H Modulating Hopper Valve.  Options for the hopper include choices of fabrication material, liners, baffles, alternative slope requirements, and access doors.  Speak with a J&H representative about the many options that are available.

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