Mixer / Granulators

Throughout the history of J&H, our product line has carefully expanded to meet the changing demands of the fertilizer industry.  In 2010, J&H began a collaboration with JSA in Brazil to manufacture and market small continuous feed mixers and granulators specifically adapted to this market.  The result is the J&H Horizontal Spinden reactor.  This is not a new machine, but an innovative approach to the design and fabrication of the machine that solves many of the typical problems with this type of granulation of fertilizer product.

An important associated product to the Horizontal Spinden Reactor is the cyclonic Pre-Reactor.  This simple component uses cyclonic action to fully mix two liquids, usually purified water and acid solution.  Flange connections easily install the Pre-Reactor onto the feed end of the Horizontal Spinden Reactor and to the water and acid supply lines.  The cyclonic spin of the liquid not only mixes the solution, but evenly distributes the liquid into the slurry of the horizontal reactor at exactly the correct moment in the process for a more efficient chemical reaction and more consistent granulation and product quality.

A very compact and efficient reactor is the J&H Vertical Reactor.  This uses a series of paddles in a vertical axis to rapidly mix and react two product components and drop the resulting product directly onto a conveyor belt.

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