J&H MOD III Triple Deck Screening Machine

_DSC6110-m2-2a-EM2Triple deck screens are used when a higher level of product size differentiation is required.  The top screen separates oversized particles that are discharged to the crusher.  The bottom deck separates the fines from the product flow for recycle or process seeding.  The middle deck can be used for making two size grades of product.  Individual discharges as shown at left connect with discharge chutes for processing or recycling as required.

J&H provides a full range of sizes from 4′ (101.6 mm) wide x 5′ (127.0 mm) long up to 7′ (177.8 mm) x 25′ (635.0 mm) long, designed in 5′ (127.0 mm) length increments.  This provides 20 ft² (1.858 m²) to 175 ft² (16.258 m²) of screening surface for all three decks.  More importantly, the high frequency vibration generated by our J&H Vibrator Drive motors and the unique design of the J&H Tuned Suspension and OPTIMIZER Tensioning system actually make better use of the full area of the wire cloth.  This gives the highest screening efficiency for typical high capacity industrial processing plants.  Pair this with a J&H Fines Hopper with the dust collection underneath the wire cloth and a J&H Speed Clean unit to maximize screening efficiency.

Large side doors provide access to the middle and lower wire cloth screen decks.  Fold back rubber covers provide access to the upper deck.  All three decks use the unique J&H Tuned Suspension System for optimizing vibration distribution through the entire area of the wire cloth.  A J&H Screen Support Structure with raised feed end platform provides access to the J&H Screen Feeder as well as all of the tensioning buffers, electrical connections, and wire cloth.

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