J&H Screen Support Structures

100_0776J&H has available a full range of support structures for all types of J&H Screens.  The structure is designed to fully support the weight of the screen, hopper, and feeder at all load points without adding excessive weight or complexity to the overall assembly.  The support rails are at 36 degrees to hold the screens at the correct angle for screening most materials.  The structure includes stair treads and handrails to provide full access to all sides of the screens.   The structure can be designed for one screen up to eight consecutive screen lines, although two or four screens side by side is most typical.

The structures are designed to be free standing, but can be easily modified to tie into any existing plant structure.  You can also work with J&H Engineers to design a support structure that works with existing constraints and obstacles, such as bucket elevators and chutes.  Our engineers will even calculate the static and dynamic loads of the entire assembly at each anchor bolt for civil engineering calculations for the plant structure.

J&H Structures are modular in construction and come in subassemblies that can easily be erected and bolted together.  For taller J&H Screens such as a Triple Deck of Riffle screen, an elevated platform at the upper end of the structure allows access to the J&H Feeder sitting on top of the screen.

Discuss with your J&H Representative about how a J&H Screen Support Structure can simplify your installation of J&H Screens.