3-way splitter-

J&H is a leading supplier of distribution valves for the Fertilizer Industry and many other industries that process a dry granular or crushed product.  J&H has developed valve designs for every position in a plant process loops, including several specialty valves that are designed to integrate directly into another J&H product.  There are five major types:

Stream Splitters

Splitter valves have been developed by J&H to efficiently and evenly divide the flow of material from the elevator discharge into multiple process lines.  There are designs for 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way splitters.  Controls for the valve can be made to close off the flow to any one of the discharge legs of the splitter, and the divider blades automatically adjust to evenly divide the material flow to the remaining process lines.  For an in depth look at J&H Splitters click here.Modulating Diverter-new Final

Material Diverters

Diverters are used for process control throughout the plant.  They can be used as Dump Valves, Recycle Modulating Control Valves, Feeder valves, etc.  They are usually equipped for 4 – 20 mA command and position feedback signal.  These are generally custom designed to match the chute configuration and geometry of the plant.  See J&H Material Diverters here.


ROTARYMultiport Rotary Valves

These are used to direct a supply feed of product material into bins or hoppers for feeding different plants in a complex or different processes in a plant.  The operation of the rotary valve allows automatic or manually operated systems to direct the material where it is needed to optimize the distribution of the material and control material flow rates.  This valve is highly adaptable and easy to operate.  See J&H Multiport Rotary Valve here.


Gate Valves and Knife Valves

Both of these valves operate on the same principle, a solid plate is inserted into the throat of the valve to shut off the material flow.  J&H Gate valves are designed with solid, granular material in mind to work with any of the industries in which J&H specializes.  These valves can be two position (open / closed) or modulating using an electromechanical actuator.  Find more information on the J&H Gate Valve here.

Hopper Discharge Valve

DSCN4314This is a special application of the Diverter valve that is built into the design of the screen fines hopper.    This not only saves space, but can be used in process control to regulate the amount and size of recycle product.  For an explanation of how the  J&H Modulating Hopper Valve can be used to improve product quality, click here.




J&H carries a full line of spare and replacement parts for each of these valves.

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