J&H Service Plan

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Any machine owes much of its longevity and efficiency to regular maintenance.  Often times machines run at their best directly after installation because they are assembled, tested and tuned by J&H service technicians.  After some time in operation performance and efficiency tends to decline due to a number of factors.

  • Irregular maintenance, equipment neglect, or the incorporation of non-OEM or counterfeit parts contribute to this loss of performance.  In this highly competitive market, equipment efficiency and product yield should be our highest priority.
  • Rubber-CoverOther factors are turnover and training.  Does your service team have high turnover?  Do you have resources and expertise to train new technicians?  Do you contract your maintenance?  Are your maintenance contractors J&H certified technicians?
  • Lastly, OEM parts inventory.  Certain J&H machine components must be considered wear items.  Do you maintain parts in original condition?  Do you have all of the parts that you need?  Do you have money tied up in inventory of aging or obsolete parts?

J&H Equipment’s machines are designed with you the customer and end user in mind.  Our strongest design criterion is durability, ease of maintenance, and minimalizing down time.  We have many customers with trained personnel whom have efficiently and productively maintained their machines for 20+ years.  That being said, we are now responding to customer request for J&H trained expert technicians to service their machines and guarantee optimal performance.  J&H in response to customer request has done just that…

The J&H solution: We have developed a solution to ensure your product yield and efficiency is at its best.  We are proud to announce the introduction of our all new and industry first J&H Comprehensive Equipment Service Plan.  J&H Equipment Inc. can supply you with the experienced technicians to maintain and tune J&H screeners, feeders, and chain mills and other equipment manufactured by J&H.  J&H trained the service team to keep your J&H machines at their highest performance day in and day out.  With a J&H Service Contract, your J&H machines will operate at optimum efficiency and virtually eliminate that surprise shut down we all dread.

  • The service plan is geared to your needs and your plant.  Our plan is based on two shut downs per year 6 months apart.  Understanding the 6 month interval service requirements, replacement parts, maintenance plans, etc., new parts will be at your plant just in time for your scheduled shut down, waiting for the J&H Service Team to arrive.  Whom better to maintain your equipment than the manufacturer and designer.  We take the guesswork out of maintenance and performance.
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