Vibrating Screen Feeders

P1000030aVibrating Screen Feeders

Much attention is given to particular process machines, like the crusher or screen machine, that little thought is usually given into how product material enters into a given machine.  Often you will see feed chutes that come down from great height or at some crazy angle to get over to the required machine.  However, the material entering the machine in a consistent, well distributed, well regulated manner is often critical in how efficient the process machine will work.  The screen machines and crushers are particularly sensitive to the speed, direction, and distribution of material entering into them.

Feeders are designed to transition and disperse flow according to distribution needs.  The type and configuration of the feeder can vary greatly depending on the space available in the plant, the type and amount of product material, and whether or not that material is highly abrasive or sticky.  For this reason, J&H has a wide variety of static feeders, vibrating feeders, conveying feeders, and velocity breakers that are designed to handle any particular set of products and plant geometries.  Click here for details on individual J&H Feeder Products available.