J&H Awarded Major Contract

J&H Equipment, Inc. is proud to announce awarding of contract by Intecsa Ingenieria Industrial, S.A. for the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden DAP & NPK Plants).  Scope of contract award includes:

(16) Oversize Process Screens  (J&H MOD III 7×20 Two Surface Vibrating Wire Screening Machine)
(16) Oversize Process Screen Feeders  (J&H MOD II Model 84 Vibrating Screen Feeder)
(16) Oversize Process Screen Fines Hoppers
(16) Undersize Process Screens  (J&H MOD III 7×20 One Surface Vibrating Wire Screening Machine)
(16) Undersize Process Screen Fines Hoppers
(16) Oversize Chain Mills  (J&H HDF MOD III Dual Rotor Pulverizing Chain Mill)
(4) Lump Crushers  (J&H HD Model 36 Lump Crusher)

These equipment’s will be installed at the Ma’aden DAP & NPK plant locations in Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia.  Each of the equipment’s contracted are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for the DAP and NPK industries.  Prior J&H installations at Ma’aden’s site has proven the equipment’s capability to meet expectations even in the harshest of environments.  J&H prides itself in offering superior products which perform at the highest efficiencies for our customers rigorous needs.  For more information on the products listed visit www.jhequipment.com.