About Us

J&H Development Philosophy.

J&H began operation as an equipment manufacturer in 1975, manufacturing process screens, material handling and conveying systems for the chemical fertilizer industry.  Our unique “Optimizer” tensioning system for the screens set J&H apart from the other screen manufacturers.  The conveying equipment development included many sizes and types, from very small bucket elevators and belt conveyors to very large machines used in ship loading and high capacity mineral processing.  The focus of the industry was processing machinery that was simple and rugged enough to endure the harsh environment of the production process from mine to ship.

_DSC5014Throughout this period of time, the J&H Mod III Screen Machine became the screen of choice around the world for fine dry screening and consequently has become the focus for our machinery design.

Since 1975, the demands of the fertilizer industry have changed, becoming increasingly concerned with production efficiency, product quality, and cost management, and J&H listened, developing a growing list of auxiliary equipment to support and improve operation of our process screens.  J&H proprietary vibrator motors, Speed Clean technology, and Vibrating Screen Feeders were designed specifically for the J&H screens.   As automation and integrated control systems for the control room developed, J&H’s equipment expanded to include more of the process loop, manufacturing bucket elevators, stream splitters, material diverters, velocity breakers, and automatic samplers.  The development of a complete screening “loop” was the logical evolution of our manufacturing initiative.

Rather than just being a manufacturer, J&H is at core an engineering company.  There is no production line cranking out hundreds of machines, all machines are manufactured by order.  Our hands on involvement with our customers from quote to commissioning means that the equipment provided meets the demands of your application, not just pushing our latest machine.  The new J&H Research and Test Lab lets us understand how your product responds to our machines and allows us to custom select the parameters that work best with your application.  Our desire for feedback as well as our deep understanding of the basics of our machines means that individual machines are regularly redesigned and improved. Particular emphasis is placed on durability, ease of service, availability of parts, and ability to up-date as new technology is developed.  J&H is proud of the equipment that we manufacture and we stand by our product and our customer.

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