Vertical Spinden Reactor

Vertical-Spinden-ReactorThe vertical reactor is a combination of a pre-reactor and a turbine mixer for the continuous mixing of a reactive product.  The J&H pre-reactor does not have any moving parts, but begins the chemical reaction of a slurry of either calcium carbonate or phosphate rock being mixed with a concentrated liquid acid.   The configuration of the pre-reactor is such that the mixing occurs in a cyclonic reaction chamber.  Carbon dioxide gas is generated as a byproduct of the reaction, which greatly increases the pressure within the pre-reactor.   The high pressure and turbulent cyclonic action initiates the reaction for the material entering the pre-reactor.   Fractions of a second later, before the material has a chance to complete the reaction and harden, the reacting mixture is discharged from the pre-reactor and injected into the Vertical Spinden Reactor.  Within the Vertical Spinden, the mixture falls through a series of paddles that are spinning at high speed.  The product  is momentarily suspended by the lateral motion of paddles, which creates a highly agitated and aerated environment for the chemical reaction to complete, the material to solidify, and the gases to separate.   The product and gases are discharged from an opening at the bottom of the Vertical Spinden into a conveyor hood where the gases are exhausted and the newly formed product is collected onto a conveyor belt to cool.

A large access door is provided for easy inspection an maintenance of the paddles of the Vertical Spinden.  The shaft is held by two bearings and direct driven through a set of three helicoidal reduction gears by a drive motor.  A variable speed drive on the motor controls the rotational speed of the paddles and help to control the reaction.  The customer is responsible for a coriolis mass flow meter for feedback control of the reaction and the quality of the final product.

For much larger mixing and granulating process, see the Horizontal Spinden Reactor.

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